Direct Receiving Stations

Dedicated, private and fast access to Deimos-1 and Deimos-2 data

Elecnor Deimos develops and markets Direct Receiving Stations (DRS) for satellite image reception. These systems allow the user to download, process, distribute and archive DEIMOS-1 & DEIMOS-2 satellite data. Elecnor Deimos DRS is based on the gs4EO® suite, which represents the first modular end-to-end solution for Ground Segments of Earth Observation missions.

The gs4EO suite of products can be used for tasking, telemetry, download and processing of satellite data performed locally at the user premises, working as a Direct Receiving Station. The modularity and scalability of the gs4EO line allows for minor adaptations and integrations with pre-existing satellite control stations.

The level of complexity of the station depends on the user needs in terms of data. The combination of an antenna and a direct receiving station ensures immediate, secure and private access to satellite data in real-time. If immediate data access is not necessary, virtual receiving stations (i.e. the complete Ground Segment without an antenna) can be used for tasking and processing the satellite data.

Our Direct Receiving Stations allow immediate, secure and private access to satellite data in real-time


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