ELECNOR DEIMOS and GUDNUS present the provision of thermography services on photovoltaic plants based on the result of the APPIDE project that proposes the development of a tool that, by means of Autonomous Drones together with Artificial Intelligence and Precise Pointing technologies directly derived from the space sector, is able to detect, identify and accurately locate the possible incidents in a photovoltaic plant.

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JUICE mission will perform 26 flybys, navigating autonomously through the three Galilean moons and guaranteeing that Europa will not be contaminated

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EFESTO will provide advances in the three areas of thermal control, materials and structures through the design and testing of innovative inflatable thermal protection systems (TPS) solutions for re-entry vehicles.

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Deimos Sky Survey tracked the fragmentation and debris formation of the ATLAS V Rocket. The analyses show the expected evolution of the fragments cloud around the Earth and the Spatial density at different altitudes and timeframes.

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Deimos Space presents with HTG the upgraded SESAM module of ESA’s DRAMA in the ESA-ECSL Workshop on Space Debris: Regulations, Standards and Tools. The new SESAM provides the ESA’s DRAMA tool with more flexibility and the possibility to deal with more complex spacecraft definitions and re-entry problems.

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Grant to study launch range: The UK Space Agency has awarded a grant to Elecnor Deimos to study the requirements, design, concept of operations and business case for the range required to support vertical orbital launch from Sutherland, Scotland.

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Deimos Engenharia studied the possibility of launching small satellites in the Azores (Malbusca, Santa Maria). The conclusions of this study were successful, showing that it is viable to operate a micro-launcher service from Malbusca, using small, safe and clean vehicles.

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ESA has selected Oxia Planum as landing site for ExoMars 2020 mission. Elecnor Deimos has supported the prime contractor with engineering analyses in the Entry, Descent and Landing (EDL)

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Elecnor Deimos proposal for Azores spaceport integrates ORBEX, a microlauncher company, and ISQ Group, with extensive operational experience in launcher sites, and is supported by a representative group of17 stakeholders that include 4 launcher manufacturers that will make use of Azores spaceport

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Elecnor Deimos and Accurision sign a technology licensing agreement and successfully start collaboration for developing ultra-precise navigation devices based on Galileo, Europe’s own satellite navigation system.

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