The first space debris observations from the Niefla premises, still in commissioning phase, devoted to the WT1190F object

Deimos Sky Survey (DeSS) sensors were tracking the re-entry path of WT1190F up to the time of final re-entry (6.20 UTC, 7.20 local time) in the Indic ocean, 100 kilometres far from Sri Lanka.

From 4.00 UTC up to 5.50 UTC (6.50 local time) on 13th November, DeSS sensors generated more than one thousand observations of the last hours of the object in space. These observations allow spotting also the rotation state of WT1190F. The object moves at a relative velocity of 4200 arcseconds per minute, which is about twice the velocity observed by a GPS satellite.

Last observation was taken at 5.50 UTC, being the last observation of this object all over the world. Observatories at the west had the object below the horizon, while observatories at the East were in daylight.

In the image (9 frames sequence), a dot can be observed moving from right to left, which corresponds to WT1190F during the latest phase of its re-entry

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