A distinctive characteristic of Elecnor Deimos is that the company is present in all the phases of a space mission design and development for the majority of ESA missions, in the fields of Science and Exploration, Satellite Navigation, Earth Observation, Space Situational Awareness, and Launchers. Furthermore, we have developed the capability of carrying out complete space missions, as it has been demonstrated with the great commercial and technical success of the Earth observation missions Deimos-1 and Deimos-2.

We carry out activities such as Mission Analysis, System Engineering, Guidance, Navigation and Control (GNC), Attitude and Orbit Control (AOCS), Ground Segment Systems and On-board Software Systems, conducting engineering design, algorithms definition, prototyping, operational software development, system integration, validation, deployment, and support to commissioning and operations.


Elecnor Deimos develops turnkey operational systems in the areas of Radio Navigation Aids, Surveillance and Communications. These systems are used for diverse applications in both civil and military markets. We are responsible for all the phases of the projects in which we participate, including engineering, design, integration, testing, deployment, maintenance and operational support.


Deimos offers tailored engineering solutions and systems for both civil and military maritime applications. Our capabilities include tactical communications, command and control systems and satellite imaging. The operational features offered comprise the maintenance of navigational charts, vessel tracking, CPA and TCPA calculations, geographic zoom, alarms, AIS system information, radar and detectors control, and recording and reproduction systems.


Elecnor Deimos offers services, systems and products for the transport sector.
For rail, we offer the development, integration and implementation of public information systems, IP intercommunication systems, remote control systems for the management of railway stations or train tracking and monitoring systems among others.

Our localization division, KyrosLBS, develops solutions based on location data obtained by different satellite positioning (GNSS) or radio-based Automatic Identification System (AIS) to track and monitor vessels, vehicles, goods or personnel activity in real time.

Industry and Utilities

Elecnor Deimos develops automation and control processes, solutions to optimize the production and sale of energy, surveillance systems for critical infrastructures and location services to improve efficiency, safety and productivity for public and emergency services and for the industry. Our experience allows us to offer bespoke end-to-end and turnkey projects for local authorities to face the new management challenges, in which the relationships between citizens and technology are a key success factor.

Telecom & Media

Deimos is the perfect partner to make the adoption and use of unfamiliar technologies easier, with a clear objective of improving your company services and solutions in terms of efficiency and benefits, by means of technology and innovation. We offer, among others, solutions and services for digital transformation and decision-making support by means of software tools, services for the operation and maintenance of both in-house and third-party IT systems, software development, training and counselling software development teams in order to standardize and improve their processes, implementation of Business Intelligence solutions and its combination with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) leading to Location Intelligence (LI) solutions and systems that empower decision-making.