molinoIndustry & Utilities

Systems and products for industry and utilities,
along with location-based solutions for emergency and
field workers tracking, safety and productivity control

Smart Cities

The use of information and communication technologies brings solutions and services that foster innovation and achieve more efficient and sustainable cities, increasing the life quality of residents and using available resources more effectively. Combining the experience of Elecnor providing services to cities and the technological know-how of Elecnor Deimos, we develop bespoke end-to-end and turnkey projects for local authorities to face the new management challenges, in which the relationships between citizens and technology are a key success factor. More info at

Automation & Control

Automation and control for industrial applications including SCADA Systems, programmable logic controllers, relays and all kind of sensors. Heterogeneous sets of industrial protocols in different environments have been developed, such as domotics buildings, weather and environmental stations, wind farms, and solar power plants.

Energy Market Intelligence

Business Intelligence applications for the optimization of energy production and selling. Software developments for improved forecasts of energy production and applications to facilitate the operation in the energy market.

Weather & Pollution Monitoring

Weather monitoring applications in renewable energy production environments, along with control of pollution emissions for combined cycle power plants. Tailored for European and Spanish normatives.

Street Lighting Control

Set of tools for public street lighting control based on a geographic information system, including telecommands for several hardware manufacturers, energy efficiency modules, inventory control, and CMMS, among others.

Wind Farm Surveillance

Surveillance systems based on cameras (analogic and digital) combined with other types of sensors for critical infrastructure, such as wind farms located far away from urban centres. Alarms and events are automatically triggered when some configurable circumstances are detected.

Public Services
Tracking & Efficiency

Kyros® services improve vehicle management and scheduling by the remote management of activity alerts, monitoring mobile patrols and staff in real-time and tracing the movement of goods, machinery and building assets.

Safety Solutions for  
Emergency Services

Kyros® provides services on GPS tracking devices and smartphone applications to ensure personnel safety. These services include guardsmen tracking and location, emergency service personnel protection and location, and systems to assure isolated workers’ safety.

Tracking, Safety  
& Productivity Control

Kyros® location based services provide tracking, safety and productivity control of utilities workers and assets. Kyros® platform delivers regular information according to the outdoor or indoor configuration events or alerts to control work tasks progresses. This helps to prevent accidents and incidents with job material and personnel occupational hazards.

Industry & Utilities Projects

Fire Brigades Location & Safety
GISAL platform in Ponferrada


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