From spacecraft navigation to remote sensing

Deimos researches additional applications of GNSS signals such as GNSS Reflectometry and the use of GNSS in space.

GNSS Reflectometry (GNSS-R) involves the acquisition of both the direct and the reflected signals from GNSS satellites. The company has developed the SARGO system, which determines water characteristics through the analysis of reflected GPS and Galileo signals on the water surface. SARGO and the GNSS-R concept are used by Deimos for biomass estimation in the COREGAL European H2020 project.

The use of GNSS in space offers key advantages such as: increasing space vehicle autonomy, enabling high precision navigation and/or allowing the obtainment of unique science measurements. Deimos is actively involved in several GNSS space studies. These include the assessment of the suitability of GNSS in high orbits, with participation in the Proba-3 mission; evaluating the suitability of using GNSS as primary navigation for all phases of Moon missions; and defining improvements for the use of Galileo in space.

The use of GNSS in space provides increased vehicle autonomy and unique science measurements


GNSS Applications Projects


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