Participation in all major European GNSS programmes

Deimos expertise in ground segment systems for navigation missions is reflected in its important role in the development of Galileo, Europe’s own global navigation satellite system. The company is responsible for three critical elements of the ground segment: the Message Generation Facility, the Mission Support Facility and the Raw Data Generator.

Within EGNOS (V3) Deimos is responsible for system level trade-offs from an algorithmic perspective, support to system specifications and performance budgets, activities within the data processing segment, early experimentation and activities within the New Integrity Dual Frequency System Test Bed (NISTB).

Deimos is also involved in Galileo second generation (G2G) studies, participating in the Inter-Satellite Links (ISL); Deimos Space UK leads the study for G2G Orbit Determination and Time Synchronisation, for improved robustness and reduction of dependence from the ground segment, better navigation performance and improving the cost-benefit of the system on the long term.

Development of three critical elements of Galileo’s ground segment, and participation in EGNOS v3 and G2G studies


Navigation – Ground Segment Systems Projects


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