Space Situational Awareness

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Elecnor Deimos has extensive experience in Space Situational Awareness (SSA) activities across Europe, covering the three main domains: Space Weather, Space Surveillance and Tracking, and Near-Earth Objects. The company has deep expertise in the analysis, design, development and operation of SSA services. In addition to working on operational systems for ESA, we offer our own commercial services.

Space Weather

Space weather has many effects on spacecraft and terrestrial systems. Forecasting can help the owners of these systems to mitigate the effects. In this field, Deimos provides operational services process observations, runs models, and produces tailored products.

The company is active in several ESA projects offering services such as geomagnetic and Solar indices archive and forecast, atmospheric effect estimation and services tailored for SST users (P2-SWE-II). We carry out studies on mission and performance analysis for an operational SWE spacecraft at L1 or L5 (P2-SWE-X), and develop operational tools such as SEISOP, developed for ESA, that uses data from INTEGRAL, ENVISAT, XMM, VEX, MEX, and Rosetta.

Space Surveillance & Tracking

In the area of Space Surveillance and Tracking, Elecnor Deimos has developed a complete product chain, spanning from system simulation, sensor systems, image processing systems and space object catalogue generation, to the provision of services like collision avoidance warnings to satellite operators, re-entry alarm for civil protection systems and identification of space objects fragmentations. Many of these activities are carried out from Deimos Sky Survey, an operational SST system wholly developed, owned and operated by Deimos located in Puertollano, Spain.

Near-Earth Objects

Elecnor Deimos works on the orbit determination and cataloguing of Near-Earth Objects through ground-based observation, simulation and environment modelling. The company has led the requirements definition of ESA’s SSA CO-I NEO system and contributed to the design, in addition to operating the NEO coordination centre for ESA. Deimos has also developed sensing strategies and performed system studies on approaches to NEO threat mitigation, and is analysing the potential for NEO instruments at L1 and L5 in ESA’s P2-SWE-X project.

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