Mission analysis and design, GNC/AOCS systems engineering and simulation tools for the space segment

Deimos capabilities in flight systems include preliminary and detailed design, systems engineering, algorithms definition, prototyping, development of on-board software, system integration, validation, deployment and support to commissioning and operations. The company has contributed to the space segment of almost all recent ESA missions.

Participation in almost all recent ESA missions


Mission Analysis & design

Preliminary definition of missions, determining the optimal mission profile to achieve a given set of objectives. At this stage, Deimos addresses issues such as launch windows, ascent and re-entry profiles, and transfer trajectories or interplanetary navigation. The company also develops turn-key software solutions for the space segment.

Systems engineering

Deimos focuses on the conception and design of integrated on-board Guidance, Navigation and Control and Attitude and Orbit Control Systems (GNC/AOCS) for a wide range of space mission scenarios. These scenarios include rendezvous and docking, atmospheric re-entry, launchers, non-atmospheric landing and formation flying. All our systems are engineered to be innovative, robust and have on-board autonomy.

Flight Systems Projects


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