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Elecnor Deimos, Alén Space, DHV Technology and SATLANTIS agree to join forces to present the best proposal for Spain’s contribution to the Atlantic Constellation

The main “New Space” Spanish players join forces for the development of the Atlantic Constellation

Elecnor Deimos, Alén Space, DHV Technology and SATLANTIS agree to join forces to present the best proposal for Spain’s contribution to the Atlantic Constellation


11 January 2023 – The Spanish companies Elecnor Deimos, Alén Space, DHV Technology and SATLANTIS have announced the establishment of an alliance to present a joint proposal for the development of the eight satellites with which Spain will participate in the future Atlantic Constellation.


This agreement allows the companies to coordinate their efforts and join their capabilities to respond to the needs of the Atlantic Constellation, which is one of the main actions of the PERTE Aerospace. This mission will consist of 16 satellites equipped with Earth observation and telecommunications payloads, eight of which will be developed in Spain. The constellation will be developed in collaboration with Portugal, which will be responsible for the remaining satellites, resulting in a system operated by a common operator.

The consortium formed by these four companies includes the main Spanish “New Space” companies and brings together the capabilities of other Spanish companies and universities, such as Microwave Sensors (MWSE), Sateliot (Satelio Iot Services SL) and the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. This alliance is open to cooperation with new partners, fully covering the areas of expertise needed for the development of the Atlantic Constellation. The agreement will maximise the expected impact on the PERTE Aerospace and develop the industrial capabilities of “New Space” in the space sector in Spain, which will enable complex developments to be addressed in limited time frames and at a moderate cost.

The main objective of the consortium is to provide a competitive response to the challenge posed by the PERTE Aerospace that not only satisfies the needs of the scientific and institutional users of the Atlantic Constellation, but also constitutes a strong basis for collaboration in Spanish industry that will allow Spain to address major opportunities in global markets.

Thanks to the complementary nature of the components of the consortium, their recognised experience in their respective fields of competence and the participation of other key players of the Spanish New Space, the alliance announced today is a decisive step towards guaranteeing the success of the Atlantic Constellation, as well as of Spanish industry and talent.




Deimos Space, 100% owned by Elecnor Group, is a Spanish technology company based in Puertollano (Ciudad Real), Tres Cantos (Madrid), Valladolid and Malaga, leader in the development of space missions based on small satellites, specialised in engineering services and development of software systems for a wide variety of sectors, including aerospace, telecommunications, gas, transport and environment.



Alén Space is a Spanish company located in Nigrán (Pontevedra), dedicated to the development and innovation of systems related to the design, manufacture and operation of satellites, as well as to the commercialisation of hardware and software related to the execution of space missions and to the development of engineering and consultancy projects.



DHV Technology is a Spanish company located in Malaga that designs and manufactures power subsystems (Solar Arrays, EPS, battery modules and SADAs) for general purpose satellites, from Cubesats to 250Kg platforms. DHV Technology currently serves these systems for LEO, GEO orbits and Deep Space applications for planetary research of asteroids, the Moon and Mars.



SATLANTIS is a Spanish company, headquartered in Leioa (Vizcaya), a global leader in miniaturised Earth Observation technologies, developing high-performance optical payloads for Earth Observation and Universe exploration missions at a fraction of the current mass, size and cost, with high and very high-resolution capability and an end-useroriented approach. It provides complete customisable satellite solutions to address challenges in various sectors such as environment and security, among others.

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