Elecnor Deimos supports Dauria Aerospace
in the inspection and pre-integration of
two Auriga satellite platforms

Elecnor Deimos is supporting the Russian company Dauria Aerospace in the inspection and pre-integration of two if its satellite platforms at Deimos Engineering and Systems (DCM) Satellite Systems facilities in Puertollano, Spain.

The microsatellite platforms for Earth observation currently at DCM facilities, named Auriga, are a flight model and an engineering model for testing and validation. Auriga represents a relatively big CubeSat, with 16 units of volume (each unit being a 10x10x10 cm cube) and a weight of around 15 kg. It will host an optical payload with an aperture of 20 cm that will provide images of 2,5m resolution from Low-Earth Orbit, around 600 km over the surface.

For the pre-integration of these two microsatellites, Elecnor Deimos and Dauria Aerospace engineers are working at the clean room that Deimos has in Puertollano, testing and assembling all the parts that DCM ordered previously from different countries. These countries include Spain, where the whole structure has been manufactured.

The Auriga microsatellite being pre-integrated at Deimos Satellite Systems facilities weights 15 kg and will orbit at an altitude of 600 km

The integration of the optical payload and final environmental testing will be carried out in Russia by Dauria Aerospace. This testing campaign, which simulates the conditions that the satellite will endure during its lifetime and launch, is essential to ensure the viability and survival of the spacecraft in space.

According to the Programme plan, Auriga satellite will be launched in 2018 on board a Soyuz rocket. Elecnor Deimos will continue supporting the development of the satellite, possibly cooperating with Dauria Aerospace in further projects.

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