Elecnor DEIMOS Submits an Expression of Interest for Azores Spaceport

Following a number of initiatives carried out over recent years in the field of launchers, Elecnor DEIMOS submitted, on the 31st of October, an Expression of Interest to the Atlantic International Satellite Launch Programme.

This programme, promoted by the Government of the Portuguese Republic and the Regional Government of the Azores, aims to develop and operate a spaceport on the island of Santa Maria in the Azores, to launch small satellites into space.

The Expression of Interest was formalized through AZμL – the Azores Microlaunchers consortium, led by Elecnor DEIMOS, also integrating Orbex, a European micro-launcher company, and the ISQ Group, with extensive operational experience in the current European space port in French Guiana. The Expression of Interest also aggregates letters of support from 17 renowned national and international entities of the space sector, ranging from universities to satellite manufacturers, including 4 rocket companies, thus demonstrating their interest to cooperate with the consortium in the following phases of the process.

Elecnor Deimos Consortium integrates ORBEX, a microlauncher company, and ISQ Group, with extensive operational experience in launcher sites, and is supported by a representative group of17 stakeholders that include 4 launcher manufacturers that will make use of Azores spaceport

AZμL proposes a vertical, inclusive, open and ecologically sustainable approach to the development of the initiative. Elecnor DEIMOS, and of all AZμL consortium members, are looking forward to contributing to the success of the Programme.


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