Aerodynamic Control Applications for Earth Observation Satellites

The DISCOVERER project will enable in-orbit demonstration of aerodynamic control manoeuvres using the aerodynamics test satellite SOAR (Satellite for Orbital Aerodynamics Research). SOAR is a 3U CubeSat that will study the residual atmosphere and associated gas-surface interactions in very low earth orbits (VLEO). SOAR is part of the DISCOVERER project, a H2020 project led by…

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Tsunami Prevention
A Tsunami Space-Based Early Warning System

Tsunami detection from Space – a nearly real-time system to detect ocean surface altimetric anomalies with satellites Nuno Silva*, Nuno Catarino*, Nuno Ávila* Maria Ana Baptista** Martin Wronna** Tsunamis are one of the deadliest natural disasters on Earth. Early-warning systems are essential to prevent and minimize their effects, but the current implemented systems have serious…

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