Ground Segment

Deimos secures the development of METOP-SG operational data processors with EUMETSAT

The operational processors will generate the Microwave Sounder (MWS) and Multi-viewing, Multi-channel, Multi-polarization Imaging (3MI) Instruments data. MWS will provide essential atmospheric temperature and water vapor sounding data, while 3MI will offer comprehensive information on atmospheric aerosols and clouds.  The agreement between Deimos and EUMETSAT for the continuation of the procurement of several operational processors…

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Deimos wins ESA’s FLEX Mission Planning Facility

Deimos proudly announces its latest milestone achievement: securing the contract for the development of the Mission Planning Facility (FMPF) for the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Fluorescence EXplorer (FLEX) mission*. This significant win solidifies Deimos’ position as a key player in Ground Segment Systems and underscores its commitment to advancing Earth observation capabilities. The FLEX mission,…

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