Solar Orbiter Launch

Solar Orbiter, launched on 10 February 2020, will study the Sun from a peculiar elliptical orbit allowing us to see never seen before solar regions.

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JUICE mission will perform 26 flybys, navigating autonomously through the three Galilean moons and guaranteeing that Europa will not be contaminated

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ESA has selected Oxia Planum as landing site for ExoMars 2020 mission. Elecnor Deimos has supported the prime contractor with engineering analyses in the Entry, Descent and Landing (EDL)

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Elecnor Deimos proposal for Azores spaceport integrates ORBEX, a microlauncher company, and ISQ Group, with extensive operational experience in launcher sites, and is supported by a representative group of17 stakeholders that include 4 launcher manufacturers that will make use of Azores spaceport

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Elecnor-Deimos establishes in Italy

Elecnor Deimos establishes a new subsidiary in Italy, joining the existing ones in Portugal, United Kingdom and Romania

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Elecnor Deimos Forms Strategic Partnership with ORBEX and Invests in the Satellite Launch Firm

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Mars Sample Return Mission Architecture

Elecnor Deimos to define the architecture of the Mars Sample Return mission.

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ESA Sentinel Small Sat Award

Elecnor Deimos, member of the winning consortium of the Copernicus Masters Competition.

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IAC 2017

Elecnor Deimos showcases its latest applied research at the 68th International Astronautical Congress

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