Elecnor Deimos is collaborating with Santillana Group to improve their software development processes and help them become a technology leader in the education sector by 2018

Elecnor Deimos is collaborating with Santillana, the leading textbook publishing group in Spain and Latin America. The company has been a synonym with quality, innovation and service, teaching staff since its inception in 1960. In recent years, Santillana has started a transformation process in order to become a technology leader in the education sector.

This is how Elecnor Deimos had a first contact with Santillana Group, helping them to adopt JIRA and Confluence to improve their communication and collaboration as part of their technology framework “Santillana Techology Network”. Elecnor Deimos has been working internally with Atlassian tools since 2008 and, at the “Deiser Enterprise Day” 2016, the company showcased its evolution and experience with Atlassian tools during the last nine years.

This first collaboration with Santillana Group was followed by several software audits, which aimed to help Santillana to improve and standardize its software development processes, code and deployments. This experience was a key factor why Santillana chose Elecnor Deimos for a great professional challenge: “Being a key player in their continuous improvement processes with regards to methods, processes, tools and quality assurance”.

Elecnor Deimos and Santillana work together improving software development processes in the education sector

Since 2015, Elecnor Deimos and Santillana have worked together to design and implement a working model based on the scrum.org and PMI-ACP best practices. In addition, Deimos has implemented for them continuous integration (methods, processes and tools) and has provided formation courses and consulting for:

  • System control version (Git/Bitbucket)
  • Dependency management (Nexus/Gradle/Maven/Nuget)
  • Continuous integration (Bamboo)
  • Static code analysis (Sonarqube)
  • Performance testing (Jmeter)
  • Agile Testing (BDD/TDD/JUnit/Mockito)
  • Automated deployment (Bamboo) and DevOps culture
  • The use of JIRA/Confluence with agile methods (Scrum/Kanban)

In 2016, during the “Annual Workshop Santillana Technology Network 2016”, Elecnor Deimos and Santillana announced that the adoption of JIRA, Confluence, continuous delivery, deployment and agile methods was a reality: 53 products had been developed at that moment according to their technology framework.

The software development process based on Atlassian tools and the working model can be watched in the following video:

Click here to watch the video

Elecnor Deimos will continue working with Santillana Group during 2017, improving their quality levels and including Software Architecture support. In the long term, several collaborations are expected by including methods, processes and tools based on  agile methodologies.

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