Corporate Policies

Quality Policy

Deimos Quality Policy consists on the constant seeking of excellence of all the products and services, and the continual improvement of the internal performance by enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of the business processes, with the final objective of maximizing customer satisfaction and company profitability.  

Environmental Policy

Elecnor Deimos Environmental Policy consists on minimizing the environmental impact of its activities through a rational and efficient use of resources and the minimization and proper management of the waste generated, ensuring compliance with the environmental law and applicable guidelines for pollution prevention and continuous improvement of the environmental performance.

Information Security Policy

The main objective of the Information Security Policy is to ensure the confidentialityavailability, integrity, authenticity and traceability of the information managed in the Deimos Group companies, implementing all the cybersecurity controls, measures and infrastructure needed for maximizing the resilience of the company and for providing the maximum security to our customers.

Services Management Policy

The main purpose of the Service Management Policy is to ensure the maximum availability, continuity, capacity efficiency and security of information systems used by Deimos and also to provide IT services to its clients.

Compliance Policy

Deimos Group applies the principle of zero tolerance on bad practices in matters of ethics and integrity and expects from its employees and related parties a full submission to the legality, as well as a conduct aligned with the principles of Code of Ethics and Conduct of Elecnor Group, with the Deimos’ Compliance Guideline and with the present Policy and Rules on which it is based and which develop it.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

The main objective of Deimos’ Occupational Health and Safety (H&S) Policy is to ensure the safety and protect the health of its workers and subcontractors, providing safe and healthy working conditions, and preventing possible risk situations that could cause injuries and accidents at work or deterioration of health.