Elecnor Deimos and Kreios Space sign an agreement to develop the world’s first satellite for Very Low Earth Orbits

Both companies announce a Memorandum of Understanding to jointly develop and commercialize the world’s first commercial satellite designed to operate indefinitely in Very Low Earth Orbits (VLEO).

Kreios Space is a Spanish startup that is developing an innovative electric propulsion system for satellites based on air-breathing electric propulsion (ABEP) technology. This motor, the first fully electric one, will allow satellites to orbit indefinitely closer to Earth than ever before (between 150 and 300 km in altitude). Satellites in such low orbits can have a direct impact on our daily lives. Examples of the benefits it provides include centimetre-level resolution in satellite observation, 5G connectivity in previously inaccessible areas, better control of climate change, or faster detection of natural disasters.

The alliance between Kreios Space and Elecnor Deimos is born with the goal of bringing the ABEP system to the market. Deimos, with over 20 years of experience in space engineering, is one of the few European companies capable of carrying out complete end-to-end space missions. In the collaboration, Deimos will design the satellite platform to integrate Kreios Space’s ABEP propulsion system. This will be the world’s first commercial satellite platform capable of operating indefinitely in very low Earth orbits (VLEO).

Simone Centuori, Director of Flight Segment at Deimos, said, “The development of platforms capable of flying in VLEO will place the Spanish and European industries at the forefront of the commercial space industry. The new capabilities enabled by the VLEO platform with the ABEP system will represent a qualitative leap for Earth observation and satellite telecommunications. At Deimos, we are thrilled to once again expand the boundaries of the space industry with this collaboration with Kreios Space.”

Kreios Space already has the initial investors to support the continued development of Air-Breathing Propulsion technology. “For us, it is crucial to demonstrate and validate our technology hand in hand with a leader in the sector like Deimos. Seeing that major players are investing in this technology is a great indicator that we are on the right path,” notes Adrián Senar, CEO of Kreios Space.


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