Elecnor Deimos to Lead the next EU Space Programme’s Cassini Mission

ESA Selects Deimos to Lead Horizon Europe CASSINI IOD-IOV IHE1-1 CubeSat Mission


Elecnor Deimos is proud to announce its selection by the European Space Agency (ESA) to lead the Horizon Europe CASSINI IOD-IOV IHE1-1 CubeSat Mission*. CASSINI IHE1-1 Mission is part of the Horizon Europe In-Orbit Demonstration and Validation (IOD-IOV) programme, which aims to advance the European space sector by showcasing cutting-edge technologies in orbit.

Following this competitive selection by ESA, Deimos will be in charge of overseeing the implementation of the IOD-IOV projects, which includes the delivery of two CubeSat missions housing a range of experiments pre-selected by the European Commission. These CubeSats are scheduled for launch in 2025 and will play a pivotal role in pushing the boundaries of space technology.

Ismael Lopez, CEO of Deimos, expressed his enthusiasm for the project, saying, ” We are very honored to contribute to this transformative initiative, as it consolidates Deimos as a trusted partner in the field of space exploration and satellite technology. CASSINI exemplifies Europe’s commitment to pioneering technology and innovation on a global scale, and Deimos is proud to be a key player in this endeavor.’

 The contract encompasses the entire lifecycle of the mission, from satellite design and development to integration, testing, space qualification, and ongoing operations from Deimos facilities in Puertollano. By taking part in this mission, Deimos actively supports Europe’s goal of enhancing competitiveness and reducing the time to market for new space products.


* Programme of the European Union  and Implemented by ESA

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