Deimos Sky Survey (DeSS) is an advanced complex equipped with the latest technology for the observation, surveillance, tracking and catalogue of near-Earth space objects. These objects can be natural, such as near asteroids also known as NEOs (Near Earth Objects), or man-made, like satellites and space debris.

The centre includes 4 telescopes and all the hardware and software systems that are needed for their operation. It provides Elecnor Deimos with operational capabilities across all the stages of the space environment surveillance process:

  • Detection, observation of objects in the sky
  • Tracking and characterisation
  • Identification
  • Cataloguing
  • Determination of risk of collision
  • Actions in order to prevent or mitigate collision


An observatory with four fast-moving, highly sensitive optical sensors with robotic operation. Its privileged location guarantees very dark skies and numerous available nights leading to high performance of the sensors.