Elecnor Deimos inaugurates Europe’s most important asteroid and space debris surveillance centre

Elecnor Deimos has presented today its first space surveillance centre, Deimos Sky Survey (DeSS). DeSS is an advanced complex with the latest technology for the observation, tracking, catalogue and surveillance of space debris and asteroids close to Earth. This positions Deimos Sky Survey as the most important asteroid and space debris surveillance centre in Europe.

The president of Junta de Castilla la Mancha, representatives of public and private institutions attended the event. Visits to the observatory, located in Parque Natural de Valle de Alcudia y Sierra Madrona and to the control center, located at the Elecnor Deimos facilities in Puertollano were organized for the visitors.

DeSS centre has two main objectives. On one side, it aims to prevent the entry of space objects in Earth’s atmosphere in order to minimize the hazards they may pose. On the other side, DeSS warns national and international satellite operators on potential collisions of space debris or other bodies with their satellite systems. This way, satellite operators can execute avoidance maneuvers and prevent impacts.

Deimos Sky Survey (DeSS) focuses on the detection and tracking of near-Earth space objects

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