Deimos Space UK

Deimos Space UK Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Elecnor Deimos located in Harwell, United Kingdom

Deimos Space UK was created in 2013 to address the UK and UK-export market for space systems, services and applications. It is located on the Harwell Oxford campus, close to the UK Space Agency, ESA’s ECSAT facility, RAL Space, the Satellite Applications Catapult and several other space companies.

The company offers expertise in flight systems, ground segment systems, space situational awareness, satellite navigation, applications and services. The knowledge of satellites, data systems and location-based services puts the company in a unique position when developing satellite applications.

Unique position for the development of satellite applications

Deimos Space UK Projects


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Building R103, Fermi Avenue, Harwell Oxford
Didcot, Oxfordshire OX11 0QR
United Kingdom

+44 1235 567231/567173