New impulse of ADIF to the Elcano platform

ADIF awards Elecnor Deimos several contracts related to Elcano platform that confirm its firm commitment to this system. The works derived from these projects must be executed in the next two years and will give an important boost to the functionality offered by the platform. Its main objective is to adapt the platform to ensure its compatibility with a greater number of stations, including the large stations of the ADIF network. It also aims to increase its adaptability to other railway administrators in order to help its international expansion.

ADIF awards Elecnor Deimos several contracts related to Elcano platform that confirm ADIF’s commitment with this system.

The contracts obtained are the following:

  • Services for the functional adaptation of Elcano system to the stations managed by the Passenger Stations Management

  • Functional adaptation of ADIF passenger information system for remote viewing of real time circulation status

  • Deployment of Elcano passenger information system at ADIF Passenger Stations

  • Support of Elcano 2019-2020 platform

With the first two contracts, Adif seeks to expand Elcano functionalities in order to adapt to the new challenges demanded by railway operators and travellers. It also seeks to reinforce those functionalities that from ADIF have been considered key for daily operation and passengers service improvement.

The implementation contract is focused on the deployment of Elcano in new stations of the ADIF network. This contract will allow to assure the quality of all the facilities, standardizing the systems and their compatibility. Thanks to this contract, the execution works state and equipment deployment in current and future stations will be better monitored.

The main purpose of the support contract is to ensure the availability and quality of the service offered from the platform. For this, Deimos has a support team that is available for the different territorial delegations and stations, and is able to identify both software and hardware failures of more than 350 stations where Elcano is currently deployed, as well as future stations where Elcano will be deployed throughout 2019 and 2020.

With these contracts, ADIF reaffirms its clear commitment to Elcano as the Information Platform for its entire network, investing more than € 4.3M.

In this link you can learn more about Elcano (elcanorail.com/en/) as well as download your APP for Android or iOS.


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