ordenadorTelecom & Media

Solutions and services for digital transformation and
decision-making support by means of software tools,
GEO information solutions, location-based services,
and multi-channel communications

Digital Transformation

Helping companies to transform business models, user experiences and operational processes. We are the perfect partner to make the adoption and use of unfamiliar technologies easier, with a clear objective of improving your company services and solutions in terms of efficiency and benefits, by means of technology and innovation.

Software Methodology  
& Technical Audits

Training and counselling software development teams in order to standardize and improve their processes, ensuring that the projects pass strict quality gates. The methodologies used include Continuous Integration and Delivery, Test-driven Development (TDD), and Automated Performance tests, among others.

IT Operations & Maintenance

Services for the operation and maintenance of both in-house and third-party IT systems. Our expertise includes: passenger information systems at airports and railway stations, security systems, monitoring of web and cloud services, monitoring of real-time critical systems for energy markets, and support to fleet management systems.

Software Development

Development of software solutions and services, with architecture designs based on the Service-oriented Architecture (SoA) paradigm. Scalable systems are provided, following the “shared nothing” approach, and web services are used for the data exchange between the Backend and Frontend User Interface layers.

Business Intelligence

Implementation of Business Intelligence solutions that minimize risks and provide support to critical decision-making. These solutions include Enterprise Data Warehouse and Data Mart, Reporting and Visualization, Design & Assessment, Strategy & Roadmap, Data Governance, Master Data Management, Information Management and Data Conversion.

GEO/GIS/LI Services

Combination of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and business intelligence, leading to Location Intelligence (LI) solutions and systems that empower decision-making. These solutions provide an intuitive way of processing certain information, transforming the results into geographic maps that are easier to comprehend.

Tracing & Multi-channel Communications

Kyros® provides location services for the management of on-move or mobile resources. It uses several communication methods and location technologies, providing data acquisition, storage, and processing in real time for indoor positioning and geolocation systems. Applying satellite and radio tracking, Kyros® platform is used for rally race control and crew safety, as well as for other applications such as indoor real-time location systems (RTLS).

Featured Projects

Location-Based Services for the WRC

Location-Based Services for the WRC

Tailored devices for tracking and safety.


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