Vessel detection alert provided in seconds after image acquisition by the EO-ALERT team

Vessel detection alert in seconds after image acquisition

The concept behind EO-ALERT H2020 project has been tested and validated

29th January 2021Real-time ocean monitoring satellite imagery is close to reality: the EO ALERT team has just announced the delivery of a vessel detection alert in seconds after image acquisition!

The concept behind EO-ALERT H2020 project, led by DEIMOS Space, has been validated together with Inmarsat and Addvalue, after successful tests performed at Graz University of Technology, in Austria.

The tests were conducted on the global real-time relay service using the Inmarsat and Addvalue Innovation Inter-satellite Data Relay System (IDRS) service, now operational in low Earth orbit. The objective was to prove the suitability of using the IDRS system for one of the EO-ALERT application scenarios: ship detection and classification, based on an EMSA Vessel Detection Service (VDS)-like service. The end-to-end global delivery time was confirmed to be below 1 minute for a single alert, meaning that ship detection and classification alerts from satellite can be delivered to ground in just seconds after image acquisition.

Check the press release from the EO-ALERT team for more information:


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