Ethics Channel

Deimos Group believes it is essential to create an environment and conditions of motivation and trust so that everyone can share their opinions, doubts or concerns regarding any situation that may arise or that they observe in the context of their Deimos relationship.

To facilitate this consultation and communication process, Grupo Deimos has made available to its professionals and/or third parties with legitimate interests a confidential channel through which they can, in good faith, report and report irregular or infringing conduct. of current legislation or the provisions of the Elecnor Group’s Code of Conduct and Ethics, as well as expressing any doubts on this matter or suggesting improvements in the existing internal control systems.

All Deimos professionals have the obligation to immediately report any irregular practices, illegal or unethical behavior that they are aware of or have witnessed.

Notifications received through this channel will be analyzed and treated confidentially and in compliance with personal data protection regulations.

In the event of anonymous notifications being received, these will also be analysed and, if appropriate, processed and investigated following the same procedure.

Deimos will not tolerate reprisals against those people who use the channels and procedures established in good faith to report potentially irregular conduct.

The respect for the presumption of innocence and people’s right to honour is one of Deimos’ guiding principles. All the people in the organisation in charge of managing issues related to regulatory compliance and integrity will exercise the utmost care in safeguarding these rights.


The informant may send his communications to the Deimos Ethical Channel, either in writing, through the email or by postal mail (Ronda de Poniente 19, MASID, 2-1, Tres Cantos, at attention of the person responsible for the internal information system on matters of Integrity and Regulatory Compliance) or, verbally, through a scheduled meeting, through, with the person responsible for the internal information system on matters of Integrity and Regulatory Compliance of Deimos.

Without prejudice to the Deimos Ethical Channel, the informant may send his communications in this area through the Elecnor Group Ethical Channel, sending them to the email or to the Post Office Box nº 72 – 48080 ( Bilbao, Vizcaya-Spain).

Likewise, the informant may make use of the external public channels that different organizations make available to citizens to communicate any information, irregular behavior or behavior contrary to current legislation, being able to choose the channel to follow, internal or external, according to the circumstances and the risks of retaliation that you consider.