Flight Segment Systems

Flight technology and solutions for your Space mission.

Deimos Flight Systems provides you 20 years of expertise thanks to a team composed by 100+ engineers. Our worldwide recognized background in the space sector, combined with our attractive rates and our breakthrough products, embody the turnkey solution for your business in space, with a guarantee of reliability, robustness and efficiency that will make your mission fly as it would have never done.

From mission design to trajectory calculation, from flight dynamics to GNC/AOCS, from OBSW to avionics, our proven expertise covers a wide range of applications in Earth Observation, Space Exploration, Robotics and Atmospherics Flight.

Related Products

Insight4EO is a qualified on-board processing solution that enables autonomous data capture, processing, and prioritization for Earth Observation satellites. It is directly embedded within a wide range of satellite physical architectures, from low-cost to high-performance platforms.

READY-200 is a turnkey solution for orbit determination and control for any small satellite application, guaranteeing high-precision and agility in a low-mass, low-power package.