We are actively involved in the European GNSS programmes, being responsible for Galileo’s Message Generation Facility, Mission Support Facility and Raw Data Generator, three of the most critical elements of Galileo’s Ground Segment. We are also leading activities for EGNOS v 3 and Galileo 2nd Generation (G2G).

Our offer includes a complete set of tools and products for GNSS system analysis and design. Our capabilities cover a wide variety of competencies in the GNSS domain, including Systems Engineering, GNSS Algorithms and Performances, Development of Ground Segment Systems, GNSS Applications and GNSS Receiver Technologies.

Related Products

G3Star is a Space GNSS receiver for Cubesats developed by Elecnor Deimos supporting dual band GPS/Galileo (other constellations on demand). The GNSS Receiver is based on the on-ground version of GRANADA Galileo GPS (G3) FPGA-based receiver, customized for LEO missions and integrated in a space qualified platform.