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AIT Senior Engineer

The candidate would support DEIMOS in several projects reporting to the head of AIT Competence Centre and will work collaboratively with team members across all the company. The AIT Competence Centre is responsible for the overall AIT planning, execution and reporting for space systems and satellite platforms, from initial concept definition through on-orbit operations. Currently, DEIMOS is working on several projects for ESA and the commercial market to provide cutting edge technologies for earth observation or communication satellites as well as scientific missions.

Main Duties:

The person in charge of this position would support DEIMOS on the current and upcoming projects regarding AIT activities for space systems and satellite platforms. Specific areas of work include, but are not limited to, definition of AIT plans, procedures and reports, support to requirement verification, support to on-orbit operations, various analysis and simulations, support to the AIT planning for other company areas and direct collaboration with the Project Office (PMO).


Preferred Aerospace Engineer, Industrial Engineer, or Electronics Engineer

Professional Experience:

2-5 years in aerospace industry

Technical Requirements:

The candidate must be an experienced AIT engineer, capable of assuming responsibilities as technical leader within the project or proposals assigned. The candidate should have some, but not all, of the skills below:

· Experience in functional, EMC, TVAC and mechanical testing. (at least two)

· Knowledge of the systems and subsystems encompassing a spacecraft.

· Able to perform well structured analysis, troubleshooting and recovery actions for space HW malfunctions.

· Knowledge of GSE specification, design, and implementation.

· Hands on approach on cross-functional technical issues.

· Knowledge of New Space approach and techniques.

· Knowledge of low-level integration and testing techniques.

· Experience in space HW handling and clean room activities.

· Experience in writing relevant technical and project implementation documentation.

· Experience in LEOP and commissioning flight operations.

· Demonstrated experience working in a dynamic environment with multiple priorities.

Any of the following skills are desirable:

· Knowledge of Python or other scripting languages.

· Technical writing, knowledge of ECCS or other space related standards.

Language Skills:

English (B2 level as minimum)

Personal Skills:

Collaborative, open-minded, proactive, creative, curious, disciplined, strong interpersonal skills (leadership, communication, teamwork etc).


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