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GNC/AOCS Engineer

DEIMOS is selecting one engineer to be integrated in the GNC/AOCS Competence Centre of the Flight Systems Business Unit, to support new growth areas in Guidance, Navigation, and Control (GNC), including Attitude and Orbit Control Systems (AOCS), and Failure Detection, Isolation, and Recovery (FDIR).

The work of the GNC/AOCS Competence Centre is oriented to the design, development, specification, and validation of autonomous systems, including GNC and AOCS systems, for a broad range of aerospace and aeronautical platforms.

As a matter of reference, DEIMOS’ activities cover:

  • formation flying, rendezvous, in-orbit servicing (IOS) and active debris removal (ADR)
  • descent, and landing on planets (Earth, Mars) & natural satellites
  • vehicles
  • observation, up-stream (flight segment) and downstream
  • exploration and navigation
  • autonomous vehicles (UAVs, UGVs)
  • System and mission design
Main Duties:

The following types of responsibilities are envisioned:

  • design, implementation, and validation of AOCS, to be applied to Earth-observation, interplanetary, and ADR/IOS satellites, among others, and/or
  • design, implementation, and validation of GNC and FDIR algorithms, to be applied to satellites, launchers, and re-entry vehicles, among others, and/or
  • and support to procurement of sensors and actuators for GNC and AOCS

The activities involved may include:

  • design implementation of GNC/AOCS algorithms
  • design, implementation, and testing
  • of dynamic systems
  • modelling
  • and validation of GNC/AOCS solutions
  • and trade-off of hardware solutions
  • with the overall system team
  • and team management

Required: A recognized engineering degree (Mechanical, Aerospace, Electrical, Electronic) or a related degree (e.g., Physics, Maths)

Desired: Postgraduate studies (MSc or PhD) with a focus on aeronautical / aerospace engineering and providing a solid background in at least two of the following:

  • mechanics and atmospheric flight dynamics
  • design, implementation, and validation
  • and robust control techniques (including fixed-structure H¥ synthesis, m analysis, LPV control)
  • operations
  • system engineering
Professional Experience:

Required: No professional experience required.

Desired: Engineer with 5 or more years of experience in the practical application of the domains relevant to the post (relevant MSc & PhD studies should also be considered)

The position will be tailored to the level of experience; additional industrial and/or academic experience would be viewed very positively.

Technical Requirements:

Required: The following capabilities are required for the post:

  • strong background in control and simulation of dynamic systems
  • to understand new concepts and apply them to engineering problems
  • programming skills
  • with Matlab and Simulink

Desired: The following capabilities are desired for the post:

  • in flight operations in ESA/European programmes
  • theoretical background in GNC/AOCS
  • with Python and C
  • on modelling of environment and S/C elements
Language Skills:

Good level of English, spoken and written

Personal Skills:
  • to integrate in and work within a team
  • self-initiative
  • and self-development
  • towards the customer and colleagues



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