NEXTGEOSS Data Hub opens up to R&E communities within eduGAIN after a joint effort of ELECNOR DEIMOS, GÉANT and RedIRIS

GÉANT and NextGEOSS, a prominent project of H2020, have established a collaboration in order to maximize their objectives connecting NextGEOSS services with eduGAIN via eduTEAMS.

eduGAIN’s main objective is to connect identity federations around the world, simplifying access to content, services and resources for the global research and education community.

NextGEOSS project, offers a space where users can connect in order to access Earth Observation and deploy applications. This platform provides several cloud services, seamlessly connected into an integrated ecosystem that supports Earth Observation based applications.

After successful integration activities between the respective partners of both projects, GÉANT (https://www.geant.org/), ELECNOR DEIMOS and RedIRIS (https://www.rediris.es/) acting as registrar of the platform in eduGAIN, NextGEOSS services and their functionality will be expanded.

NextGEOSS, the European contribution to Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS), has extended its audience to major R&E communities around the world.

By means of this joint effort, NextGEOSS will be able to offer the possibility of using institution credentials from hundreds of research and development institutions around the world, such as universities or research centres and give them access to its core services.

Now, through this new collaboration with eduTEAMS and the connection to eduGAIN, NextGEOSS Data Hub opens up to R&E communities worldwide.The collaboration demonstrates the mutual benefits of eduGAIN for research and education communities, fostering growth and accessibility to Earth Observation data.


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