OHB-I awards to Elecnor-Deimos a Ground Segment Contract of an Earth Observation Mission

OHB-I, mission prime, has selected Deimos Space for the ground segment provision for a very-high resolution optical Earth Observation mission.

Led by OHB Italia as mission prime contractor, the mission is a very high-resolution optical satellite designed for governmental purposes with a nominal service life of at least 7 years.

This new contract represents a significant milestone for Deimos Space and its ground segment suite GS4EO, widely used in ESA and other institutional systems, which will be adopted for a commercial ground segment solution of high complexity and performance level.

GS4EO is a complete suite of Ground Segment subsystems that can be deployed individually, or as turn-key solution as is this case. GS4EO benefits from the wide accumulated experience of DEIMOS in delivering not only its own DEIMOS-1 and DEIMOS-2 Ground Segment systems but also from delivering numerous GS subsystems to ESA, EUMETSAT and Spanish EO Missions.

DEIMOS Space GS4EO suite allows Earth Observation Missions customers to deploy fast an efficiently a complete and verified Ground Segment solution tailored to their needs.

Ground segment antenna located at Deimos facilities, Puertollano.

Deimos-2 satellite control center.


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