archive & catalogue

Hierarchical storage solution and catalogue storing archived files metadata

archive4EO is a multi-mission module in charge of the archiving, storage and inventory functions of mission data and products. It is responsible for the permanent storage of all the data and products received from the satellite(s) for an extended period of time in the Archive. The Catalogue allows the other ground segment facilities to access to the mission metadata and products.

It gathers products interacting with other ground segment components and catalogues the products according to several useful metadata. It also stores the products physically, in order to be able to distribute them on demand. The archive provides an optimised storage structure, organised in hierarchical levels. Catalogue Web Services (CSW) protocols, following OGC standards, are provided to access the data.

Besides being in operations as part of gs4EO in the mission Deimos-2, archive4EO is used within Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 facilities and will be used in the Spanish Governmental Earth Observation missions. Additionally, it has been adapted for its utilisation in Space Science & Exploration missions, and will be used in ESA’s CHaracterising ExOPlanet Satellite mission CHEOPS.

Multi-mission component in charge of the archiving, storage and inventory functions of the mission data and products


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