GPS-based technology that provides a location and communications system for fire brigades, improving the performance of planning and prevention operations

Regional fire brigades and forest agents locate and monitor their officers with Kyros© location-based platform.  Kyros© provides a personal tracking solution based on a rugged device with a high sensitivity receiver. The device includes GNSS (a-GPS) and self-ephemeris capabilities for fast cold start performance over rural areas where either GPS signal or GSM coverage are weak. Fire brigades’ officers transmit their position and status through a secure VPN network to the operations control centre, and coordinate the assigned crews for prevention, surveillance and extinction tasks.

Kyros© services provide the location data and mapping tools needed to coordinate resources involved in managing fire operations, primarily to ensure officers safety.  The platform reports on real-time the number and availability of fire-means and its position within each of the different search areas, proximity among officers or in-between specific maps points. In addition, it enables comprehensive time control, alerts and deviations, planning search paths adding perimeters and burn areas to personalised cartography layers. Location data is managed by fire operators, supporting field decision making and detecting abnormal situations. This way, it allows for a fast reaction and the implementation of corrective measures for rapid assistance of fire brigades in case of emergency.

Kyros advanced location and navigation services are used by the National Service for Civil Protection and Fire

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