GISAL Platform in Ponferrada

Elecnor Deimos has implemented the
platform GISAL for the maintenance of the
public street lighting in Ponferrada city,
located in Leon province, Spain

GISAL is a Smart City platform for public street lighting management developed by Elecnor Deimos. The platform has been selected as the tool for the maintenance of public street lighting in the city of Ponferrada, located in Leon province, Spain. The main component of the tool is the inventory management module, based on a geographic information system (GIS) that allows identifying the location of the components of the system. This module also provides a better control of the maintenance and the management of the human resources responsible for public street lighting maintenance.

The Ponferrada inventory (elements and components of the Public Street Lighting) includes more than 15.000 points of light, all of which are 3D geopositioned and can be monitored in real time. More than 200 control panels are being remotely controlled in real time. In these panels alarms and events are triggered automatically, prediction and optimiszation of electricity consumption are also available.

GISAL provides greater energy efficiency and better planning of maintenance activities, reducing costs in Public Street lighting systems

Already more than 2500 work orders have been processed and controlled by the maintenance module, including workflow control, real-time failure detection, case assignment and follow up, cost and response time control. Twelve operators have access to the reports related to the state of the elements, each one with different access control depending on the assigned user profile.

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