Software Suite

Galileo Receiver ANalysis And Design Application

The GRANADA Software Suite allows the simulation of GPS and Galileo systems. It includes three complementary software tools with different functionalities, CPU requirements and COTS licenses, plus a hardware component:

  • Environment & Navigation Simulator, a Galileo/GPS raw data generator and navigation tool oriented to application developers who need external access to raw measurements or PVT solution.
  • GNSS Blockset, a Simulink library that provides a swift, flexible, and realistic way of simulating different signal processing architectures, either of standalone GNSS receivers or multi-system solutions.
  • Bit-True GNSS SW Receiver Simulator, which recreates the Galileo/GPS signal-in-space and the receiver signal processing chain using a sampled-based simulation approach.
  • GRANADA Galileo GPS (G3) Receiver and RF Data Grabber, a flexible GNSS receiver for the processing of GPS and Galileo signals.

Supporting both GPS and the new Galileo signals, the GRANADA software suite is a set of modular and configurable tools that cover multiple roles, ranging from the GNSS system simulation/analysis and raw measurement generation, through the design and simulation of GNSS receiver algorithms and architectures (featuring a simple and user-friendly interface), up to providing a configurable software receiver as an asset for GNSS application developers.

A set of modular and configurable tools for the simulation of GPS and Galileo systems

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