Location-based Services for
the WRC

Our GPS-based technology provides the location and communications system for the vehicles participating in the World Rally Championship

The location based services provided by the Kyros© Platform are used in the World Rally Championship (WRC), increasing the safety of the crews. An advanced GPS/GPRS/UHF tracking system is employed, designed to monitor the competing cars both during reconnaissance and during the race.

The tracking system is based on Kyros© platform, a tailored intelligent GPS multi-channels communication portable device and on-board UHF/GPRS trackers that have been designed and development by KyrosLBS. The GPS miniature device provides twoway communication between crew and headquarters, being able to transmit information about race stages and over-speeding, as well as information about incidents on the stages. Both trackers also provide a SOS button so the crew can warn the Rally Command Centre in case of emergency to obtain assistance faster.

Tailored GPS and Radio communication devices for WRC race tracking and crews safety system

Kyros© platform is the core of the system. It is responsible for communicating with GPS devices and receiving and processing its position, as well as the terminals’ information. Kyros© monitors and controls the elements location and status, displaying alarms and sending warning signals to selected devices. It also gets time, speed and incidences statistics, retrieves races historical tracking, generates reports and other information, providing support for the Race Command Centre decision-making.

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Location-Based Services for the WRC

Location-Based Services for the WRC

Tailored devices for tracking and safety.


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