Location Management Solution

The National Postal Service of Spain monitors drivers’ safety, optimises routes and controls deliveries in real-time through Kyros
Location-Based Services

The leading provider of physical and digital communications and deliveries in Spain, with the largest presence throughout the national territory, manages all the vehicles within its transport network with an innovative equipment based on satellite location services.

Kyros® location-based software platform is a complete solution based on satellite technology that  monitors the position of postal vehicles and the timing of national deliveries using on-board A-GPS and portable devices.

The location-based service platform provides plenty of event management tools, automatic route planning, meeting schedules and frequency of service controls, real-time status requests about postal service incidences, deliveries and collection status, and route tracing.

The Postal Service has improved the efficiency and quality of its operations by using our real-time monitoring platform. In addition to the postal operations management tool, Kyros® Location Platform includes a route optimization module to ensure on-schedule deliveries and collection compliance.

Security functions are also provided by Kyros® Location Platform through the alerts and alarms module. It allows for the management of prompt contingencies through rapid detection and response, guaranteeing the safety and security of drivers and cargo supplies.

The safety and security of the National Postal Transport Network and the successful Mail Delivery are supported by Kyros real-time location-based services

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