Maritime Surveillance, Control and Communications System

The project MSCCS (Maritime Surveillance, Control and Communications System) is an ambitious project with the goal of providing authorities with an advanced maritime surveillance and coast control system. The implementation of this project allows to control the maritime traffic in its Economic Exclusive Zone (EEZ). MSCCS provides support against piracy and other illegal maritime practices, effective frontier surveillance and port access control. It has been designed based on IMO (International Maritime Organization) and IALA (International Association of Lighthouse Authorities) recommendations.

The operations are executed from two control centres, primary and secondary, with five more centres for auxiliary operations. All the sites are connected by optical fiber and microwave communications. The energy supply is guaranteed by an innovative system based on photovoltaic plants, complemented with generating units and, in some cases, commercial electric supply.

The system’s core is the product Maritime Surveillance and Control System (MSCS) developed by Elecnor Deimos. It uses radar sensors, AIS, radiogoniometers, opto-electronic sensors and meteorological sensors. The system employs an advanced multi-sensor fusion technique that provides the operator with a real time representation of the operation field, offering precise information about the current situation.

Support against piracy and other illegal maritime practices, effective frontier surveillance and
port access control


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