mission planning

plan4EO provides mission plan generation capabilities, enabling imagery acquisition and related data downlink activities to ground stations

plan4EO is a mission planning module that can be integrated with other components of the gs4EO suite, as well as with 3rd-party modules, offering different deployment configurations for the customisation of the ground segment according to the customer’s requirements. It is working operationally in Sentinel-2 (A and B spacecraft) and Deimos-2 missions, and provides satellite operators and planning brokers the following capabilities:

  • Generation of the Instrument Payload Scenarios: the plans are always conflict-free and generated from the acquisition requests, according to the predefined mission rules and constraints.

  • Generation of the ground station Pass Schedules (acquisition plans): these schedules contain all the planned downlink operations at the corresponding ground stations and its associated data (e.g. orbit information).

  • Visualization of the plan through a dedicated interface (Planning Exploitation Tool HMI, planET): the HMI includes a Gantt chart, a World Map, and a Plot views where the planning events included in the mission plan are displayed for a selected time period. Status of the spacecraft resources, like battery and power, are also shown.

  • Master Broker HMI: an additional HMI handles the different planning tasks (planning process, generation of schedules, retrieval of new orbital information, etc.), allowing their execution in an automatic mode, through a configured agenda, or manually by the operators. It displays the planned and executed tasks, together with their corresponding execution status.

Mission planning module that is able to support multiple spacecrafts and missions within the same interface


Planning Exploitation Tool HMI, planET

mission planning

Master Broker HMI

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