Air Navigation Radio Aids – Peru

Provision of turn-key systems of air navigation radio aids for the Peruvian Corporation of Airports and Commercial Aviation (CORPAC S.A.)

Elecnor Deimos has been selected by OACI/CORPAC to carry out the renovation of air navigation radio aids systems in Peru.

This involves the provision and installation of turn-key radio aids and auxiliary systems plus the engineering and design work that these activities involve, as well as carrying out tests, flight inspections, generation of documentation, training, and post-sales product support.

A total of 19 radio aids will be installed at 13 different locations within the Peruvian territory. The project includes ILS/DME, VOR and DME systems, homologated by national and international Air Traffic Management (ATM) regulation organisms such as OACI, the Federal Aviation Administration, and Eurocontrol.

Provision, deployment and commissioning of air navigation radio aids for commercial airports in Peru

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