Flight Systems

Critical technologies for Space missions

AOCS Turn-key product for high-performance low-cost LEO mini satellite missions

On-board data processing avionics unit for Earth Observation and small satellite missions

Ground Segment Systems

All the Ground Segment tools to operate an Earth Observation mission

The complete family of Deimos Ground Segment modules for Earth Observation

Full orbit monitoring and maintenance.

Multi-mission web-based service for EO imaging tasking.

Image processing chain.

Imagery acquisition and data downlink.

Data archive and inventory.


Satellite Navigation Receivers

Low-cost space GNSS receiver for Cubesats for precise on-board orbit determination.

Satellite Systems

Turnkey solutions for satellite design, integration, testing and operations

A multi-task mini-satellite platform up to 200Kg allowing simultaneous image acquisition/download.

A compact and lighter version of Mini4EO.

The smallest of the Nano4EO family bringing innovative design with ultra-low weight, with a mass of just 1.5 kg.

Cubesat platforms mixing incredible performance with very low weight.

A 16U platform compatible with the CubeSat form factor standard.


Traveler information system

Global platform for railway information