The Copernicus era has created a new market with the massive amounts of satellite data that the ground segments of space systems receive serve to the market and governmental bodies. Any physical or cyber attack against the storage, access or exchange of this data would pose a major public safety threat.

Current approaches do not fully exploit the recent advances in surveillance mechanisms with robotic technologies and AI. The EU-funded 7SHIELD project will be an integrated yet flexible and adaptable framework enabling the deployment of innovative services for cyber-physical protection of ground segments, such as e-fences, passive radars and laser technologies, multimedia AI technologies, that enhance their protection capabilities, while integrating or interoperating with existing protection solutions already deployed at their installations.

The project will make use of advanced technologies for data integration, processing, analytics and visualisation as well as data security and cyberthreat protection to assess the prevention, detection and mitigation of threats, both physical and cyber.

The developed technologies and 7SHIELD platform will be tested in five pilot use cases, consisting of several scenarios involving physical, cyber or combined cyber/physical attack scenarios. DEIMOS will provide a simulated scenario where 7SHIELD platform will be tested.

DEIMOS proposes a pilot offering our commercial ground segment systems and associated infrastructures, which serve as the barebone of several currently flying missions. The pilot shall consist in building-up the required shadow deployments of DEIMOS’ ground segment systems mimicking the operational environment, which is offered, for assessment of the current security measurements available in place and in general any security issue derived from the pre-crisis management on physical and cyber threats on logical infrastructures.

This pilot comprises the security assessment of ground segment logical infrastructures, which are interconnected to suppliers and customers. These actors will be simulated and connected using the same mechanisms and security measurements as done in real operations

Customers end-points will be also simulated using the same operational mechanisms to exercise dissemination of acquired imagery, which is also a point of risk (e.g. poisoning of the imagery, un-authorized knowledge of world zone requests made by confidential customers, etc. General operations of the ground segment will be also simulated in this shadow environment using the same settled mechanisms in production, to assess global integrity and security of the operations conducted.

The physical ground control premises shall be also subject of the security analysis, pre-crisis and crisis management, which include a secured perimeter hosting a multi-band S/X ground antenna and the mission control room.

DEIMOS will provide a simulated scenario where 7SHIELD platform will be tested. 7SHIELD will develop a holistic framework enabling the deployment of innovative services for the cyber–physical protection of ground segments.