Elecnor Deimos develops the ADIF  mobile application running on Android and iOS. With this application, ADIF, the Spanish Railway Infrastructure Administrator, aims to provide real-time train tracking related information, as well as information regarding the available services in the stations for the users. This application is conceived to be used by all kind of people, for people living in large cities and also for people living in rural areas where the railway stations do not have passenger information systems or even do not have ADIF personnel on-site.

This application provides up-to-date information related to the scheduling of the trains and the platforms where these trains are going to pass, in real-time. Moreover, it provides information related to the commercial services available inside the railway stations.

The mobile application allows the user to configure subscriptions to a concrete train or to a specific journey between two stations. The application will send all the notifications related to the situation of the train or the situation of the trains running along the selected journey.

The application provides up-to-date information related to the train schedules and transit platforms