APPIDE, which owes its acronym to “Automatic Photovoltaic Plant Inspection and Data Exploitation”, arises after identifying the need in the solar industry to automate the analysis of data collected during the inspections on photovoltaic plants with the aim of detecting faults yielding losses in energy production.

Currently, the analysis of the data is done manually, which translates into important expenses in terms of time and manpower. Moreover, since it is a long, tedious and repetitive task, the likelihood of errors committed by the operator (Human Factor) increases considerably with the size of the plant to be inspected.

For this reason, the APPIDE project proposes the development of a tool that, through the usage of Autonomous Drones together with Artificial Intelligence and Precise Positioning technologies directly derived from the space sector, is able to detect, identify and accurately locate the possible faults in a photovoltaic plant.

ELECNOR DEIMOS intends to provide an outstanding thermography tool developed in the APPIDE project, taking advantage of the capabilities of ELECNOR DEIMOS for the needed technology developments.

APPIDE project develops a series of innovative products for the creation of an automated thermographic tool for photovoltaic plants inspections based on technological developments in the field of artificial intelligence, image processing and precise positioning.