GISAL is a Smart City platform for public street lighting management developed by Elecnor Deimos. The main component of the tool is the inventory management module, based on a geographic information system (GIS) that allows identifying the location of the components of the system. This module also provides a better cost control of maintenance and the management of the human resources responsible of public street lighting maintenance.

Above this module lies the remote management system. This subsystem monitors the basic elements and enables comprehensive control of the state of the components, based on a complex mechanism of configurable alerts and allows acting on them through the remote management subsystem, which can be integrated with different manufacturers of public lighting systems.

Finally, the information module provides all kinds of reports, simulations, consumption estimations and billing, generated according to the data collected in real time by the components of the system.

GISAL provides the capacity to achieve greater energy efficiency focused on reducing costs in Public Street Lighting systems as well as better planning of the activities of maintenance. All this on a friendly and accessible web interface.

GISAL provides greater energy efficiency, reducing costs in public street lighting systems, as well as better planning of maintenance activities


  • Inventory of the elements and components of the Public Street Lighting, including 3D position and physical relations between items.
  • Real time information for the main professionals involved (citizens, street light operators, politicians, public managers…).
  • Alarms and events are triggered automatically.
  • Simulation of Energy Savings, prediction and optimization of electricity consumption are available too.
  • Maintenance module with workflow control, real time failure detection, case assignment and follow up, cost and response time control.
  • All kind of reports related to the state of the elements and users.
  • Access control for different user profiles.
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