Transpyrenean railways are play a key role in the transportation of goods from the Atlantic ports to the North of Europe and the project for a new railway line with a large trans-Pyrenean capacity is a European priority.

Deimos has collaborated with the French-Spanish Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG TGC-P/NAFGCT) in the development of a cartographic portal  that illustrates the methodology of the studies that led to the definition of the corridors of the TGC-P/NAFGCT project for the development of a New Trans-Pyrenees High Railway Axis within the framework of the European Commission’s European Interconnection Mechanism. It belongs to the overall network of the Trans-European Transport Network, for both passenger and freight transport.

The aim of the cartographic portal is to make the geographical data on environmental issues resulting from the studies of the New Trans-Pyrenees High Railway Axis Project accessible so that cartographic information and associated content can be accessed on-line by the general public. It is also intended to reproduce with rigor and simplicity the approach and results of the environmental, functional and technical-economic studies that made possible to define, from the study area, the passing corridors, and to present comparisons between these corridors by means of a multi-criteria analysis.

To carry out the cartographic portal Deimos, with its team located at the Railway Technology Centre in Campanillas, Malaga, has used a user-centered working methodology to meet the objectives of simplicity and understanding by non-technical users; and has employed the latest technologies to make the cartographic portal easy to use and the navigation through the maps fluid and consistent.

Among these technologies, vector tiles for the representation of geographic information stand out, which allows for greater fluidity in the exploration of maps and interactive capacities such as story maps.

Likewise, the data presented in the cartographic portal is offered in an interoperable way through a data catalogue that complies with the recommendations of the INSPIRE directive for access to geographical information.

The portal is accessible here:

The GIS portal illustrating the potential corridors for the New Trans-Pyrenees High Railway Axis and the respective environmental, functional and technical-economic studies was developed by our team at the Railway Technology Centre in Malaga, Spain.