Kyros is a web-based platform that offers location-based services, enabling the efficient management of people, vehicles and other assets for different applications.

Location information is taken from multiple devices (e.g. mobile phone apps and GPS trackers) to provide users with management reports and alerts. Kyros applications are split into three product families that monitor people, vehicles, and assets. Its location services are provided through any location technology, regardless of the scope (outdoor or indoor), the appeal to locate (people, vehicles or objects), the positioning technology (GPS, Glonass, Cell Go Wifi, Rfid,…) or the hardware device (cell phone, pager, tags, systems in vehicles,…).

Kyros main functionalities include:

  • Restricted access to the different functionalities and devices depending on the user profile
  • Real-time monitoring and historical data (3 months to 5 years online and on demand)
  • Integration of multiple maps with permanent updating
  • Reception and alarm management, with notifications that can be tailored for each client
  • Performance and remote configuration of the devices from within the Control Centre
  • Web Application, accessible from any browser without client software
  • Complete module that allows the generation of reports and statistical graphics tailored to the user needs
  • Multi-language support: Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, German and Russian
  • Definition of user profiles totally adapted to each customer’s needs and system application (security, monitoring and control, resource management,…)

Elecnor Deimos has designed Kyros using the latest software development technologies. This has led to a robust, flexible and scalable system in both the operations and the administration dimensions that ensures maximum reliability.

KYROS applications are split into three product families that monitor people, vehicles, and assets
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