CoastNet is a near-real-time monitoring system for coastal areas that provides a geoportal for free visualization and access of monitoring data and associated products. It is a Portuguese FCT (Portuguese Science and Technology Foundation) funded R&D initiative led by MARE, an oceanographic research centre within the Lisbon Faculty of Sciences, with the participation of the University of Évora. The geoportal was developed based on the Deimos in-house portal4EO solution.

CoastNet will provide free visualization and access of coastal information (e.g. sea surface temperature) through a geoportal powered by Elecnor Deimos.

Three different coastal monitoring data types are available through CoastNet:

  • EO-based information for coastal waters, including standard (e.g. Sea Surface Temperature-SST and chlorophyll a concentrations) and innovative specific products (e.g. phytoplankton size classes and ocean fronts);
  • Comprehensive data on animal movements through an array of biotelemetry acoustic receivers that is being deployed in the Lima, Cávado, Douro, Vouga, Mondego, Tagus, Sado, Mira and Guadiana estuaries and adjacent coastal areas
  • An Environmental and Biological Monitoring System (EBMS) that provides autonomous and continuous measurements of environmental and biological variables in the Mondego, Tagus and Mira estuaries.

Multiparameter sensors will be deployed along the estuarine gradient, to measure salinity, temperature, conductivity, specific conductance, dissolved oxygen, pH, Potential Redox (ORP), Total dissolved solids (TDS), and chlorophyll a.

CoastNet is part of the National Network of Research Infrastructures of Strategic Interest. The outcomes were presented in a public conference held on the 7th of July with the participation of the Portuguese Sea Minister and the other main stakeholders in the maritime area In Portugal. One of the main highlights was the presentation of the geoportal developed by Deimos in partnership with Cors Digital, under the supervision of MARE.

The geoportal is available at and is the main access point for everyone who wants to see or work with the data provided by the CoastNet network. The CoastNet geoportal is another example of the data visualization solutions built for other projects (SIMOcean, Co-ReSyF, Marine-EO) and currently under development for other institutions (Portuguese Hydrographic Institute and the Ethiopian Space Science and Technology Institute (ESSTI).

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