SUMO is a powerful web based tool for planning and monitoring a wide range of marine operations, such as constructing, operating and maintaining offshore wind farms. It provides marine coordinators with continuous updates on the latest forecasts of sea conditions and weather, and the locations and status of workers and vessels. This improves site management, planning, logistics, Health & Safety and emergency response.

The system monitors the locations of all vessels and personnel within the vicinity of the wind farm site, using GPRS/3G mobile signal coverage to track people entering and exiting the wind turbines. Location services are provided by our self-developed Kyros Platform and integrated with AIS (Automatic Identification System) for vessels and GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) for individuals.

Satellite Positioning and GNSS is used for locating key personnel involved in operation activities. To achieve real time feature satellite positioning will be combined with satellite communications. These are combined with the traditional AIS information on vessel location to give more accuracy, and more fine grained information on the location of personnel.

SUMO is a monitoring system based on AIS and location services to improve personnel efficiency and safety on offshore wind farms construction, operation and maintenance

Satellite communications is used to send data from a network of RFID swipe card readers and an AIS receiver to the Onshore Control Centre. Data is then made available for use by decision support and/or forecasting tools which will enable Marine Coordinators to improve control of the wind farm, logistics and Health & Safety (H&S) among others.

Satellite Earth Observation information complements the diagnostic of metoceanic conditions surrounding the wind farm and contributes to the optimization of the configuration of the high resolution models that generate the short term metoceanic forecasts. Data obtained from various types of instruments installed in different satellites will be considered including radar altimeters, scatterometers, imaging radars and radiometers.